Arcade Archives Ports Black Heart For PS4 & Switch

Arcade Archives has released a faithful reproduction of retro arcade shooter Black Heart, originally developed by NMK and released by UPL in 1991, for the Nintendo Switch and Playstation 4.

Taranith, absolute ruler of the Dark Forces, has kidnapped Jeanne. Zil must mount his dragon and take to the skies, assaulting the enemy castle to save her. In order to defeat the boss, work together with the fairies that accompany you and the pixies that enable you to fire powerful attacks.

The basic gameplay involves piloting a plane and taking on enemy squadrons while using power-ups to gain an advantage and clear stages. The key to victory is the Strike Forcer attack, which provides temporary invincibility while you continue to attack.

Game difficulty is now available as a menu option with display settings configurable to emulate the the feel of the arcade, and players can post their scores to online leaderboards.

Black Heart is available on Nintendo Switch and PlayStation 4 priced $7.99.