David Hasselhoff Stars In Kung Fury Expansion

Kung Fury: Street Rage is back with a new expansion, A Day at the Beach. Play as the legendary David Hasselhoff and kick nazi butts with a friend in the brand new co-op mode!

The original game took players into another dimension while beating up nazis in a bid to stop Kung Führer and uphold the law. Now the third instalment in the saga brings the heaviest punch in the history of nazi beating: David Hasselhoff as a playable hero.

CEO of Hello There Games, Oskar Eklund, said: “This release is close to a full new game. With so many new features I think it’s fair to say that Christmas came early this year.”

Creative director, Annette Nielsen, added: “Since the original release, three features have been on the top of our players’ wishlist; Fully free classic brawler movement, Co-op and making Hasselhoff a playable hero. We’re extremely happy and proud to be able to deliver all of these, and more.”

A Day at the Beach Expansion is out now on Steam priced $5.99. The Arcade Strikes Back DLC is also now available for free to owners of the original base game.