King Of Fighters ‘98 Set For Steam Update

Game developer SNK has announced that The King Of Fighters ‘98 Ultimate Match Final Edition will receive a major Steam update this winter which will address two areas important to the community.

One of the most important features of online matches in modern fighting games is rollback netcode, making online matches more precise and circumventing delays caused by latency. So, in this update, the original delay-based netcode will be swapped for the popular rollback netcode by Code Mystics.

Another feature in this update is the introduction of online lobbies which will allow players to host or join large rooms with multiple players for epic online battles, and a spectator mode is also available for those who simply want to observe and learn or cheer on their friends.

The King Of Fighters ‘98 Ultimate Match Final Edition Is available now on Steam and players can explore the new features in a Community Beta Test from 30th November to 4th December which will allow SNK to collect and assess player feedback.