Megadrive Shooter Gynoug Revived For Consoles

Ratalaika Games has announced that Sega Megadrive retro shooter Gynoug, also known as Wings of Wor, is heading to PlayStation 4, Xbox and Nintendo Switch as a digital release on 12th November.

The planet has been decimated by a virus that has transformed and mutated into a breed of some of the most fearsome creatures ever! They are the Mutants of Iccus, led by the terrible Destroyer. Many have taken on the mutants before you… and many have failed. Now it’s your turn.

From the deepest caverns of Iccus to the belly of the beast itself, you must fly and fight for the life of your planet! It won’t be easy… but then the best battles never are! Destroy the Destroyer and Iccus will be saved, its skies free once again. But fail and your wings will be clipped… forever!

Six levels of do or die action and you annihilate all that dare to challenge you or even come in your sights. A power up system dramatically increases your fire power and the overall force as you progress. Meanwhile, coloured crystals and orbs can be blasted to gain you even more power and the more you collect the more varied the upgrades available.

Gynoug is released 12th November priced £5.99 / €5.99 / $6.99