NES Kickstarter Copper Jacket Hits Funding Target

Monsoon Studios has announced that Copper Jacket for the NES has reached its funding goal on Kickstarter with $12,000 pledged against a goal of $9,000.

In Copper Jacket your former boss, Commander Zaslavsky, has kidnapped your fiancée in an attempt to make you do his dirty work. Your mission is to defeat this sinister commander and rescue the love of your life. Fortunately, your best friend Anatoly has agreed to help you on your mission, and you will need him to overcome the challenges ahead.

Zaslavsky has many men under his command as well as many war machines at his disposal. You must navigate through his defenses to reach his command center that rests atop a snowy mountain where your fiancée is being held hostage. In addition to overseeing a powerful army, Zaslavsky is rather manipulative, so you should be cautious if he tries to communicate with you on your radio.

This game features five different worlds, and you’ll need to use your skills to overcome each of the unique challenges that each stage presents. However, if you need a little backup, a friend can join the game in two player mode. If one of you dies then the other can continue but, if both players die, then the stage will reset.

Copper Jacket is already complete and working physical prototypes have been produced. Kickstarter funding is primarily for assembly, material costs (boxes, instruction booklets, dust sleeves, labels) and final testing.