Remastered Legend Of Mana Now On Mobile

Square Enix has announced that the remastered edition of Legend of Mana, the fourth instalment in the series, is out now on Android and iOS.

In Legend of Mana, players embark on a journey to find the mystical Mana Tree seen in a dream, only to discover that the world map is empty. Throughout the adventure, special artifacts are acquired that bring the map to life and pet monsters are reared to help with battles and progress the story in unique ways.

This edition features remastered visuals and a rearrangement of selected songs, including Hometown of Domina, though players can choose between the new and original soundtrack. Meanwhile, the control scheme supports both a touch screen UI and external gamepad, with cloud-based save data included.

Legend of Mana is out now on Play Store for Android and App Store for iOS at the reduced price of $21.99 until 21st December.