Retro Platformer Trash Quest Launches On Switch

Cute Metroidvania platformer Trash Quest has launched on Nintendo Switch with an 80% price discount as part of the Indie Games Christmas Sale organized by RedDeer Games.

Trash Quest is set on the space station Deliverance. The crew has just begun preparations for the long voyage to Tau Ceti. The AI has been activated, and it’s performing a quick system check. But you have no interest in the fancy defense systems. You are just a raccoon that wants to get its filthy hands on the station’s trash.

Explore an interconnected maze of space station’s rooms as you destroy robots, collect power-ups and unlock shortcuts. With each level completed, the difficulty of fighting with enemies increases. There are no checkpoints but any power-ups, abilities, or shortcuts you have unlocked remain upon respawn.

Trash Quest is available on Steam, Xbox and, as part of the Christmas sale, now $1.99 on Nintendo Switch.