Shinorubi Shooter Brings Bullet Hell To Steam

French developer Last Boss 88 has announced Shinorubi, a bullet hell shoot’em up in the danmaku tradition of games, which will bring a dose of adrenaline and frenetic action to Steam when it enters Early Access on 20th January.

For 1000 years, the BAÄA family has reigned as despots on planet Shinorubi. This planet is the source of the R-R compund which offers infinite power and exceptional longevity to its owners. However, King R. Loyd III and his six sons have gone to war against the Traddess and Zoogt empires, leaving his cruel daughter Nemesis and five generals to guard the planet.

Seizing the opportunity, an alliance of eight experienced mercenaries are determined to put an end to the BAÄA dictatorship and its hold on the R-R compound by taking advantage of a singularity on the planet Shinorubi which takes place once every thousand years. As spaceships approach, an endless night descends upon Kaddin, the capital of Shinorubi.

Gameplay options include a dedicated mode in which only the bosses are faced, and arrange modes which offer twists and new ways to enjoy the game such as shooting pink pigs, getting a shield, eliminating marked ships to clear the screen and endless raids.

Shinorubi launches 20th January in Early Access on Steam.