Tapeworm Disco Puzzle Released On NES & Dreamcast

Lowtek has announced that Tapeworm Disco Puzzle, a spin-off sequel to their NES game Flea, is set to be released physically on NES and Dreamcast having reached over 250% of its original goal on Kickstarter.

Tapeworm Disco Puzzle is a grid based puzzle game where you play as a tapeworm; the local night club owner. It’s your job to make sure the fleas enjoy themselves. You’ll be helping them collect blood, play bangin’ tunes and get them to gigs on time.

combining elements of Snake, Anteater and Lolo, the main game is single player with 100 levels but there is also a two player mode where you can team up with a friend to solve 25 more puzzles.

Tapeworm Disco Puzzle is available on Steam for PC priced £7.00, while physical versions for the NES and Dreamcast are available on Etsy priced £60 and £30 respectively.