Tetris Beat Album Released Alongside Update

Tetris Beat has been updated to include a number of new levels along with additional tracks specifically designed to complement its fast-paced, rhythmic gameplay. Meanwhile, an album of 15 fan favourites from the game has been released as The Tetris Beat Full Essentials Vol.1.

The game uses the hit gameplay of Tetris with innovative rhythm mechanics and features exclusive dance, hip hop, and pop music from a diverse and eclectic lineup of trending artists including Alison Wonderland, Katherine Ho, Marina Trenchand, Jason Chu, DJ Qbert, Hannah Diamond, Octo Octa, Dauwd and more.

Players rotate and drop Tetriminos to the beat, keeping to the rhythm to build their biggest combo chain and score big. Tetris fans looking for the traditional hit gameplay experience can also try the Marathon mode where they can turn off the default music and choose their own soundtrack.

Added to the tracklist in the latest update are Lovely Journey by Marina Trench, Por Ti by B Nain, Burst by YTN Tee x Kay, Slinghshot by Halo Sol, Snowball by Laura BCR, Accidental Love by Baiyu, Get Set by Jason Chu and Money Over Here by Baby Blak.

Tetris Beat is free to subscribers of Apple Arcade and The Tetris Beat Full Essentials Vol.1 is out now exclusive to Apple Music.