Unusual Findings Hits Kickstarter Target

Epic Llama Studios has announced that point-and-click adventure Unusual Findings, which journeys back to the era of synthesizers, VHS Rental stores, 8 bits games and evil alien conspiracies, has now been fully funded on Kickstarter.

Unusual Findings follows Vinny, Nick and Tony, three teenagers on the most noble quest to find some decent porn. While trying to decrypt a pay-per-view adult video, the teens stumble upon aliens sending out a distress signal. As if that wasn’t bogus enough, the teens discover that these unwelcome visitors have begun killing people in their hometown. Not cool aliens, not cool.

Explore the world oozing with nostalgia, check the Video Buster Store for clues, challenge other kids at the Laser Llamas Arcades, go learn a new trick at The Emerald Sword comic store, try to get along with the punk looking Lost Boys at their hideout or even dare to ask The Bull, the quintessential 80s Action hero, for some help!

The game is described as a classic 90s-inspired point-and-click adventure with retro 80s style featuring stylised pixel art with modern shader and lighting effects, fully voiced dialogue and a retro synthwave soundtrack for an authentic Hollywood effect.

A demo is available on Steam now with the full version expected to follow in the first half of 2022.