Voodoo Detective In Point & Click Whodunit

Short Sleeve Studios has announced Voodoo Detective, an indie love letter to the classic 2D point-and-click adventure games of yore about a wise-cracking, hard boiled detective trying to save the world and pay the bills.

The story opens in the 1930’s on the tropical island of Zo Wanga, steeped in rich Voodoo culture, overrun by chain stores and infested with privileged tourists. A time and a place where where local colour and colonial corruption clashes in a desperate battle for survival.

Against this backdrop we meet a mysterious woman with no past standing at the centre of a drama so profound that the very threads of reality are threatening to unravel. Join Voodoo Detective on his latest case, where danger hides behind every dirty secret and each thrilling moment may be his last.

The team behind Voodoo Detective includes a number of industry veterans such as voice director Darragh O’Farrell (The Curse of Monkey Island), composer Peter McConnell (Psychonauts 2), animator John MacFarlane (The Iron Giant), sound designer Julian Kwasneski (Sam & Max).

Voodoo Detective is slated for release on PC, Android and iOS in 2022.