Zool Leads Evercade Gremlin Collection

Blaze Entertainment has announced a new collection for the Evercade family of systems, with six classic titles from nearly two decades of Gremlin Graphics and Gremlin Interactive including Actua Soccer and Zool.

Evercade is a cartridge-based, retro gaming family that offers fully licensed curated collections of games from the past, and new collections of retro-inspired independent titles. The handheld allows gamers to play their games on the go while the VS allow cartridges is intended to be played on the TV with up to four players.

The six games chosen for this collection are a snapshot of the games that Gremlin became known for in the home console markets, comprising Actua Soccer (1995), Brain Bender (1991), Hardcore 4×4 (1996) and Premier Manager 97 (1996), Utopia (1993) and Zool (1992).

It will be released like all Evercade collections, as a physical cartridge with the games included and a full colour manual inside a bespoke collectable clamshell case. It will be playable on both handheld and VS Evercade systems.

The Gremlin collection will be available to pre-order from 15th December and is slated for release on 31st March 2022 alongside the Renovation Collection which brings together twelve 16-bit games from Japanese publisher Telenet and its US subsidiary Renovation.